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Lunch & Learn: Workshop Your Business

When starting a business, you usually can't afford to hire consultants but have a ton of questions that need the help of an expert. Wish you could hire someone to help you perfect your business without a big paycheck? These Lunch&Learn workshops are perfect for the early stage business owner looking to get specific feedback and advice for their business.

Workshop Topics to date:

  • Sales Planning
  • Protecting your Ideas
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media & Digital Branding
  • Enhancing your Company Culture
  • How to Give a Perfect Pitch

Workshop Descriptions:

Sales Planning with Frank DeSantis, New Castle County Chamber of Commerce

Do you know how to drive sales success? This workshop is tailored for business owners who know the importance of having a sales plan to grow their business but may be intimidated by the process. In this workshop session, you will learn how to understand and track sales activities and walk away with a 30, 60, 90-day Sales Activity Plan.

Protecting your Ideas with Jim Lennon, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

Business owners and entrepreneurs usually have a high tolerance for risk or they wouldn't be starting their own business. But, where there is risk, there is a chance things can go wrong. Whether you have an idea or you are an established business owner, it is important to protect business secrets, brands and innovations. In this workshop you will learn how and why you should protect your intellectual property rights (i.e. patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets).

Fundraising with Revital Hirsch, Saul Ewing LLP

How do you identify potential investors, when should you approach them, and what do you need in your arsenal for effective fundraising.

Social Media & Digital Branding with Gaby Indellini, Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau

Building a digital presence for your business is no longer optional – the world of the social web is expanding and it is here to stay! Make sure you and your business are looking their best and you are getting the most out of your social media profiles, websites and entire online presence.

Enhancing your Company Culture with Nathaniel Measley, The Fun Dept.

This Fun Dept. Workshop session is designed to engage your crowd and introduce our science, model, and history of case studies, working with organizations of every type, size, shape, and culture.In The Fun Dept. session, participants will walk away with the following; - Our Process - The Creative Inventory - for Creating Hundreds of Fun Programs for Your Work Environment. Learn from the experts at The Fun Dept. “how to” create more opportunities to have fun in your work environment for all of the positive business driven outcomes!

How to Give a Perfect Pitch with Steve Boerner, HeliumIQ

Guess what? We're all in sales and we're always pitching; you just may not realize it. Here's the thing, if you're not trying to convince investors to give you funding or attempting to sell a product to a potential customer, you're still in need of mastering what it is YOU are selling. What is what thing you are always selling before anything else? You!In How to Give a Perfect Pitch, Steve Boerner illustrates how to sell yourself first, then explains how to translate that skill into a premeditated presentation to any audience for any thing. The main takeaway from this will be understanding what sells you, how to do it, and then applying that mindset to the skill of raising capital or selling a product or service to the market.

Young Conaway
Rodney Square, 1000 North King Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
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